How to Prioritize SEO Tasks & Invest in High-Value Work Items

How to Prioritize SEO Tasks & Invest in High-Value Work Items

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Web Gateway India is a firm which has taken the world of website designing by storm by offering a deluge of top notch services, ranging from creating an incredible web design and web development to customizing your online presence embedded with quality and commitment. This firm promises to please customers with captivating designs – be it a corporate house, a business house or an individual. In today’s technology-driven world, developing an online face is extremely essential for the success of any business and Web Gateway India affirms to do this in the most outstanding way. 

One thing we can all agree on is that SEO tasks put you in a fix because even the most organized person finds it extremely difficult to decide his priorities and ensure that he is receiving the maximum returns on them. Web Gateway India, this week, tackles the issue that’s constantly going on in the mind of each and every SEO – How To Prioritize SEO Tasks? 

SEO Tasks

The list of SEO tasks is a never-ending one. Some of the different varieties of tasks that usually come under this category are rewriting titles and descriptions, adding a space for rich snippets, creating new user profile pages, rewriting the remaining dynamic URLs that are not attended to yet, adding some recommended internal inks to blog posts and reaching out to some influential people who are experienced in this area.

Having a list of potential SEO tasks is the first extremely essential step towards the success of any business. Since prioritizing SEO tasks is an extremely important process, decision makers should be involved in it and the list must be prepared either as a consulting team or an in-house team. You should consult with your manager, your team or your clients to come up with the perfect list before going through the validation process. 

Prioritization Questions To Ask Yourself

Before deciding on the order of the SEO tasks, we should ask ourselves some prioritization questions, some of which are discussed below: 

1. What are the company goals which this task serves or reaches out to?

A company or an organization, usually, has a list goals which it wishes to achieve and certain initiatives which it wants to take up. Making a list of those goals is an extremely important step in order to decide which SEO task should be taken up first. Some of the goals which companies and organizations have are trying to increase the revenue from their product line, trying to drive more qualified users to sign up for their feature and trying to attract traffic towards a specific section.  

Another important category which is highly imperative for all companies is recruitment. If recruitment is extremely relevant for your company, you should focus on SEO tasks which target on aspects, such as, how to attract more job seekers towards your jobs pages and how to increase the prominence of your job listings in search results for relevant keywords.

2. How can we capture metrics, measure if it's working and identify potential problems early?

After the process of prioritization, the next question which comes up is - how can we capture the right metrics around the task, measure it and see if it's working and identify potential problems early on? Certain situations in which the entire SEO process can go wrong are when something goes wrong in the planning or the implementation phase or if something unexpected comes up. Certain validation techniques for the designs of websites, some new metrics to check the performance and some existing metrics to show you if the change was good is highly recommended.  

We update user profiles in an extremely SEO-friendly manner. We have realized that in the new profile pages, we have no longer provided links to important pieces of matter that have been uploaded or created by users, as a result of which, we have missed out on plenty of internal links to that and our index regarding this is not proper. The profile pages of users are creating waves, but, the content generated by users is on the decline and this needs to be rectified soon.

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